Challenges & Obstacles

These obstacles and challenges are the more traditional and recognized part of any mud run.  The War Scenes are what make the MUD AND WAR RUN so different to other Mud Runs or Obstacles Runs.  The obstacles mentioned below will be challenging yet fun.  Prepare to crawl through mud, wade through mud, and navigate muddy obstacles of various types.  Prepare to get your grunt on… See you at the finish line.

The Slush

40 feet in length and 3 feet deep.  Wade, swim, crawl your way through the slush.

The Maze

Crawl your way along the narrow muddy filled trenches and try to find your way out.

Head scratcher

Crawl under the wire, but keep your head down.

Gone Fishing

Make your way under the netting and try not to breath the mud in while you are face down in it.


You choose.  Do I go over, or do I go under?

The Narrows

A Trench so skinny that your fear of tiny spaces might show up.  No more fries before you take on this menace.

Mounds of Love

How many are there?  They look small but c’mon!

The Equalizer

Its equally simple for all…right!?!?


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