Fun Questions

Yes of course.  Modern day, Revolutionary, World War II, Roman Soldier, Starblazer, anything you like.  Just remember you are going to get muddy.  So don’t wear items you think might get ruined by mud.

Within reason.  Don’t come in your birthday suit, and don’t wear your mom’s wedding dress (unless you have written permission).  We recommend sports clothing that allows easy cleaning and is comfortable.  Though we fully expect there will be those dressed like ballerinas, football players, or superheroes, etc., and you are all very welcome to join them.  There will be a prize for the best dressed runner so dress nice!

If your friend is a guy, then a tutu or a Supergirl outfit might be funny.  But hey, we are sure you can come up with something that would look great on your friend…right?

Good question.  Ask your professor, Instructor or Teacher.

That really depends on how big your undies are and how loose they are…  Better check that and get back to us.

On a scale of 1 to 10…  Well our first run was about 13.  And we have improved since then.  With the mud, mixed with the challenge of the run, doing it with a team, and having the war scenes, we feel we have created a unique and exhilarating experience that no one else offers.  How about you tell us how much fun it was when you are done.  We would love the feedback anyway on how to provide a better event next time… Imagine if your feedback could get us from a 13 to a 14 out of 10.

Because it looks prettier.  We know it’s not grammatically correct, but c'mon…it’s a fun name for a fun event.  Wait did we spell grammatically correctly?

Probably, or it could be that you have not asked them yet… hmmm

We wanted to have a fun name for our guests but still have a name that honors the veterans who have served so gallantly.  So we asked a bunch of veterans and they loved the name “Muddy Grunts”. 

Muddy:  To be covered in mud.
Grunt:  The soldier or troop doing the hard work or the frontline work – doing the down and dirty work when waging war – an infantryman.

Muddy Grunts Definition:  A fun name we label you during this event in honor of those who have been Grunts in real theaters of war.
Are you ready to get your Grunt on?

It could be.  We are under the impression that once you have tasted mud you will crave it, sort of like chocolate or those fancy candies your grandma used to give you.

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