Serious Questions

We fell in love with Homes For Our Troops because of the tangible results available when donating to this organization.  As the website ( shows you can donate to specific housing projects or to the overall organization.  The houses already built, under construction, or in the planning phases and the men and women’s names that go with those houses is so tangible.  You know where your donation is going and the cause is so important.  Our founder has a military background serving almost 14 years in the Air Force and respects so much the men and women of the US military who have put their lives on the line.  The men and women who have been injured serving this country deserve to be taken care of, and this is one way we at Mud And War Run can help.

We could never truly recreate what the men and women of the military have been through in battle or under fire.  We will have authentic uniforms for the actors in the scenes.  We have similar sounds via sound effects as to what the troops from each era may have heard, but we will never disrespect the troops by saying we have a realistic scene that is “just like” any battle they may have gone through.   As stated on the home page, “we have scenes depicting famous battles… that give a glimpse of what the troops have been through… runners will experience a hint of what the veterans have faced”.  It will be exciting, thrilling, and hopefully eye opening, but the scenes don’t really come close to what the real thing must have been like.  Now the mud… that’s really real…all of it.  The challenge of the obstacles and the run…that’s real.  The war scenes are as real as we can make them.

No.  The war scenes might make your eyes open a little more at certain stages, or make you duck your head here or there but you should be fine after.

That will depend on the individual.  Each person is different.  However, we do suggest consulting a physician and then giving serious consideration to taking part in the event given the noises and the special effects that will take place.  Sound effects of guns firing and explosions will be major parts of each of the war scenes.

No!  As noted on About us Page- We are not war mongers or lovers of war.  We fully appreciate and respect those who have gone before us to fight for the freedoms we enjoy.  We hope when ‘Mud And War Run’ participants experience just a hint of what our veterans have gone through, they will gain a greater appreciation for our veterans and understand a bit more about the real experiences they have endured.  Thank you veterans for fighting to maintain the freedom we have and thank you for allowing us the privilege to enjoy an event such as this Mud And War Run.

We know everyone will have fun and we hope this experience will give participants a greater respect toward the troops who have served this nation.

Yes, it does.  The word “war” is a sensitive subject right now.  However, we also know that mud runs are designed around the bootcamp experience that many military personal have to go through.  So all the runners going to mud runs across the US and throughout the world are going through a small portion of the bootcamp experience and then they get to live their 9 to 5 lives free from the worries that the servicemen and women have.  The word “war” catches our attention… men and women have fought wars to allow us to live the way we do now.  Many of the men and women who serve in the military right now don’t get to go home to the 9 to 5 after their mud runs, and parades, and drill instruction, and weapons training, and class room lessons and uniform inspections and stand by bed inspections, and their deployments and battlefield experiences.  This MUD AND WAR RUN is 4 years of some soldiers’ lives wrapped up in a 1 hour run.  Again, as mentioned in other areas of this site, we don’t condone war, we respect those who have fought the wars for us and who have allowed us to be able to host this event in a free nation.

We wanted to have a fun name for our guests, but still have a name that honors the veterans who have served so gallantly.  So we asked a bunch of veterans and they loved the name “Muddy Grunts”. 

Muddy:  To be covered in mud.
Grunt:  The soldier or troop doing the hard work or the frontline work – doing the down and dirty work when waging war – an infantryman.

"Muddy Grunts"- Definition:  A fun name we label you during this event in honor of those who have been Grunts in real theaters of war.
Are you ready to get your Grunt on?

Yes!  The 9:00am wave will be mixed.  All competitive 'Muddy Grunts' will line up in front with remaining non-competative 'Muddy Grunts' lined up behind.  
There WILL be a prize for the first, second and third place finishers.  Competative Muddy Grunts will not have to wait at the war scenes and will be able to run straight through to the finish line.

Yes.  We will have spectator passes for $15.  Please Register Online as if you are purchasing a regualr entry ticket and select a "Spectator Pass".  This will allow access to the event property, the event course, but NOT on the obstacles or on/in the war scenes.  Come take pics and cheer on your Muddy Grunt friends.

MUST:  Sign Waiver Form.  Dowload here - Waiver Form
MUST:  Register online bring print out of ticket.
MUST:  Bring photo ID.

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