Want To Sponsor A Scene Or Obstacle?

15 Nov, 2016
Want To Sponsor A Scene Or Obstacle?

As a sponsor of Mud And War Run you will be assisting in our efforts to raise support for 'Homes For Our Troops'.  As part of the sponsorship you will receive exposure by way of our shirts with your logo on the back, banners throughout Base Camp with your logo, announcements during wave times specific to your sponsorship, logos posted on our website with links to your address, and your privilege of adding logo emblazoned items in the Swag Bags that each Muddy Grunt participant will receive.  Finally, sponsors may gain more exposure by choosing to sponsor an obstacle or war scene.  So, when participants are making their way toward an obstacle or scene they will see; “Welcome to D’Day, brough to you by - Your Company-!”

Should you wish to be a sponsor of the event or a specific obstacle or war scene please do not hesitate to contact us via email at:   info@mudandwarrun.com




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